Sunday, October 31, 2010

Earning Money Online via PTC part 1

First of all PTC means paid to click, that means a person is going to pay you money when you click their ads, as simple as that, but on PTC programs you need time before you could earn big bucks, and you also need some referrals so that you could multiply your income, so you might be wondering how things work, well just follow the steps bellow so you could start right away.

Step 1: JOIN WORLDLinx
all you have to do is join the WorldLinx website and register and that's it, no hassle after registering free on the website you need to verify your email before you could start browsing ads.

Step 2: Browse ADS

As you can see the image above, all you have to do is click the browse ads tab and start clicking the ads and wait for the money to roll in, the catch is you could only click 1 ads at a time and it would take 11 to 30 seconds before you could click an ads again, and also it only gives you 5 to 10 ads a day to click so you need to log in everyday.

Step 3: Referrals to multiply your income
Now here's the trick to multiply your income, you need to refer any of your friends to work and do the PTC because every referral it would multiply your income by .05 and every click they do it would give you 10 cents for it so imagine if you have 10 friends joined under your name it's automatically $1 if the 10 of them click one advertisement, imagine if they click 10 ads per day so it would be $10 per day not bad right? so what are you waiting for join now.

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